Thursday, February 3, 2011

COOPERSTOWN AND AROUND: Bassett Picks Stein To Lead Fundraising


Mike Stein, who has filled leadership roles at Bassett Healthcare for almost 30 years, has been named vice president of development and executive director of the Friends of Bassett.
In the Friends of Bassett position he replaces Scott Barrett, who departs after six years to become vice President of Development at Loretto, which operates eldercare facilities in the Syracuse area.
Details, A3

REPORT DUE:  CLA Site’s Peter Loyola said his report on possible toxic waste at Beanie Ainslie Field will be at Village Hall by Friday, Feb. 4.

HAVE YOU HEARD ... about the CCS tradition:  Putting spoons under your mattress to assure there will be a snow day?  (Or wearing your PJs inside out?)

The Freeman’s Journal
Cooperstown’s Mike and Linda Flynn and daughter Jennifer were in the throng at the Chinese auction Sunday, Jan. 30, to benefit the Goodyear Lake Polar Bear Jump.  (More photos, A2)

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